Easy Settings for LearnDash

WordPress Plugin

Easy Settings for LearnDash is the best way to edit and define settings for LD Courses, Groups and Quizzes.

Note that Easy Settings for LearnDash requires LearnDash LMS plugin installed and activated.

Main features:

  • When creating a new course/group/quiz, avoid having to go through all those settings, trying to remember which button to push, which option to select, etc.
  • When updating settings for multiple courses, groups or quizzes, avoid having to go back and forth through multiple pages; do everything on the same table/page.
  • Define default settings for courses, groups and quizzes, and have everything pre-filled/selected on the new course/group/quiz page.
  • Update settings for courses, groups and quizzes, all on the same table and in a single page.
  • Update WP Fusion Tags on LearnDash items.
  • Download csv file with settings for LearnDash items.
  • Please, note that defining defaults and updating settings for quizzes are premium features.
  • Please, note that updating Course prerequisites is a premium feature.
  • Please, note that updating WP Fusion Tags is a premium feature.

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